Chloe Wilders – SRI Records New Rock Sensation

Chloe Wilders

Chloe Wilders – SRI Records New Rock Sensation

Everyone once in a while a young artist with tremendous talent appears, an artist who can write hit songs, play musical instruments very well and can sing as well as anyone. A young artist with the burning desire to perform and thrill audience, Chloe Wilders is one of those rare talents. This pretty young singer/songwriter hails from Northern Ireland the home of U2 and Bob Geldorf (it must be something in the water).

Growing up in a musical family, Chloe has had a true passion for music starting at a very early age. Starting at around the age of 5 she was eager to perform for anyone as long as she can remember. When she was 12 years old she began playing guitar and writing songs. Her father is a classic rocker so at that time she was listening to groups like Queen, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi and Journey all of whom have influenced her musical style. You can also hear the influence of Anastacia in some of her songs.

 Chloe says “Without a doubt my Daddy has been the biggest influence. He has taught me so much about music. Other artists such as Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Adele, Avril Lavigne and Taylor Swift have also been huge influences in the music I write, not forgetting all the Rock Bands I mentioned earlier”. “When I write, I feel completely immersed in my own ‘wee world’ and feel huge satisfaction.. But I’m a show off really and nothing gives me a bigger ‘Buzz’ than performing on stage”.

When asked about what influences her songwriting Chloe says: “Everything around me inspires me, should it be something I’ve seen on TV or read about, or something I’ve felt personally. A lot of my songs are stories played out like a soap opera in my mind, I just feel an idea and gradually build on it, just like a storyboard”. “I’d love to inspire others and having endured terrible bullying at my secondary school, I feel that I can send a message to anyone out there who feels outcast and alone that life can be hard sometimes but believing in your ability and walking tall will always make you stronger”. The true artistic value of any artist is how they react to a tragedy and Chloe showed the world how much she cares with the release of her video, “Are You Proud?” on the heels of the double suicide of two sisters from internet bullying. The video is available in our video viewing room and for sale in our store and the mp3 is for sale as well. As per Chloe’s wishes, all proceeds are going to’s anti-bullying and non-violence education programs worldwide. She has performed at numerous charity events and shows.

“We are thrilled to have a talent like Chloe on SRI Records. She is a naturally gifted songwriter, and very talented guitarist and vocalist. As a songwriter she blends the best of classic rock with today’s sounds and her lyrics are haunting, beautiful and very catchy. I believe that we have an artist who has not come close to what she can do, an artist who will keep getting better and better, we believe that we have found a major musical star in Chloe Wilders”, says label head Shelly Liebowitz. 

Chloe’s debut SRI Records release, “You Don’t Know Me” has been well received and is worth adding to your music collection – both can be found on all major digital retail outlets. A new album is currently being finished by Chloe and will be available soon. Watch for the details!

Watch for Chloe Wilders, she is a star on the rise and she will shine as bright as any other star in the musical universe!

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