Frankie Valli Before The Fame

Before Frankie Valli formed the Four Seasons he sang as a solo artist and a member of The Four Lovers, The Topics, The Romans, The Travellers  and others. This collection highlights early Frankie Valli. All fans of the Four Seasons and Frankie Valli will want this album. It's a true collector's album.

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Pucker Up 2:20 $0.69
My Life For Yor Love 2:16 $0.69
I Go Ape 2:07 $0.69
If You Care 1:54 $0.69
Please Take A Chance 2:42 $0.69
It May Be Wrong 2:09 $0.69
Forgive And Forget 2:32 $0.69
And Somebody Took Her Home 2:49 $0.69
Como Isabella 2:41 $0.69
This Is Real 1:57 $0.69
My Mother's Eyes 3:15 $0.69
The Laugh's On Me 2:47 $0.69
Trance 2:33 $0.69
I Am All Alone 2:29 $0.69
You're The Apple Of My Eye (Live Version) 1:50 $0.69
Please Don't Leave Me (Live Version) 1:44 $0.69

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